Shout Me A Beer

Just a quick word to say that I’ve set up a Ko-Fi. Publishing and proof-reading these articles so that they hopefully read well is a time-consuming endeavour, and if anyone wants to shout me a coffee beer it would be gratefully received:

As a fan of various podcasts, YouTube channels and blogs, I have been happy to chip in myself over the years for creators of content that I enjoy. We’re not talking big dollars here, but that bit of recognition and encouragement can hopefully brighten somebody’s day and let them know you enjoy their work.

I’m personally going with Ko-Fi over Patreon for a few reasons:

  • I don’t want to be beholden to chasing clicks. I set up this site as my own little soapbox to mouth off, and that sometimes means posting things that I know will rattle cages or make me unpopular. Nine times out of ten, I can tell you before I hit Publish whether a given article will generate heat, but my aim on this site is always to maintain the utmost integrity. That means avoiding the temptation to pander in order to appease subs, or for that matter to shit-stir and rustle up more. Having a platform to voice my own true (reasoned) opinions is the whole rationale for doing this, and that isn’t for sale.
  • The sole purpose of Plastic Craic is to publish the kinds of articles that I would like to read, and which I was not finding a lot of out there on the interwebz. That means that I’m not trying to muster a second income here, or make a living out of pontificating about Warhammer. If I wanted to do that, honestly I would probably start up a 40K YouTube channel, for the larger player base and easy monetisation. But that’s not the goal of Plastic Craic.
  • The site does have hosting costs, and everything I review is paid for out of my own pocket (I regularly turn down free review products), so any payment towards those costs can only help Plastic Craic to keep going and getting better. One target I’d like to reach is raising enough funds to get the site look and layout overhauled by a professional in field, because that’s not my area of expertise and I really am just doing this for the love.

When I started this blog, the goal was to put something out there that I felt was in short supply: high quality written content about Age of Sigmar, with a focus on competitive play. The kind of stuff that is in great abundance on podcasts and YouTube, but more scarce in written form, partly because it is so time-consuming to deliver.

So if you have been enjoying these articles that are published in an independent spirit, any encouragement you can offer would really mean a lot to me.

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