Coverage Leading Into AOS 3rd Edition

Happy Friday, you Maniaks! Just a quick word on where we’ll be heading with the blog in these exciting times:

The plan is that I’ll be collaborating with Goonhammer on their coverage, as well as publishing here on Plastic Craic.

Why Goonhammer?

Because they have the integrity to actually review the bloody things. I think at some point we’ve all read or seen coverage of promotional copies that follows the same old format:

  • Games Workshop gave me nice book.
  • Book has words.
  • Words are good.
  • Thank you Games Workshop for giving me free, nice book.

Goonhammer don’t do that. They will tell you what they like, and why; what they don’t like, and why; what they might have done differently, and their overall thoughts.

Y’know, like an actual…review?

I’ve already collaborated with Goonhammer before, mostly on MCP articles, so I know this is going to be good.

Where does that leave Plastic Craic?

Alongside that, I’ll be continuing to post on here. I’ll have my own, separate articles on 3rd Ed (of course), and Kruleboyz in particular (of course fucking of course).

I’ll also be making brief posts here on Plastic Craic pointing you towards my Goonhammer contributions. Goonhammer don’t need a shoutout from me – believe me – but for those of you who subscribe to Plastic Craic, it’ll keep you up to date on what I’m doing.

I’ve also got some guest coverage coming up in the near future, as a follow-up to my Kragnos articles. It’s fair to say that I was pretty down on the big fella overall, but I do know some very accomplished players who saw more potential in him, so I’ve invited them to share their thoughts (and lists).

Credit: Games Workshop

So with all that said, here comes 3rd Edition – let’s all enjoy the ride.

Farewell, AOS 2, you magnificent bastard.

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