AOS 3: Coherency Rules

The picutre is rapidly coming together for how 3rd Edition will look and feel, and we’ve already got people posting up Batreps and the like. Fair play to them, and I love that enthusiasm, but we have still only seen two thirds of the picture:

  • Core Rules are in the bank
  • The new General’s Handbook (including points) has been spoiled and discussed
  • The Day One patch is yet to come

So while we await the big FAQ, I’ve contributed to another article over on Goonhammer about one of the known factors, which is the changes to coherency:

The article focuses on practical steps we can take to work with (and exploit) the new rules, so check it out.

I’ve got one more article planned with Goonhammer, which will examine the Unleash Hell command ability and how to work around it, and after that I’ll be back to posting regularly here on Plastic Craic.

See you there.

Credit for the beautiful army in the cover image goes to Ian Hannam

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