Battletome Gnomad Feastmasters: Gnomad Trails and Mighty Heroes

Welcome, weary traveller! Join us by the campfire as we enjoy a hearty repast, and…no, not that pot you cretin! That’s MINE!

Having been introduced to the Gnomad Feastmasters in our first Gnomehammer Community article, it’s time today to tuck into a smorgasbord of delectable details on their key characters and how their society is organised. The heart of Gnomad society is the Trail: more than a simple path through the Realms, a Trail is a kinship group, an extended family with its own culture, traditions – and recipes.

Gnomiad Trail

The old ways are not forgotten in Gnomad society, and nowhere is this embodied more than on the ancient and bountiful Gnomiad Trails of Ghyran. The merry souls who tend these Trails have a special affinity with the Sylvaneth, and may even be found peeking out from the cosy nook of a larger chum:

Curet Trail

The call of the wild can be irresistible, and the draw of lush vegetation and exotic meats has overwhelmed the senses of many a young Gnomad. These bold adventurers are drawn to the Curet Trails of Ghur, where Feastmaster and Ogor fight as one:

Blazed Trail

The Blazed Trails of Aqshy are fraught with danger, but also great reward. Far from the cool embrace of Ghyran, the Gnomads of the Blazed Trail are brash and freewheeling, trading openly with the followers of Sigmar the Betrayer and accruing huge wealth in the process:

Naturally, a society whose roots can be traced back to the World That Was has many storied heroes, including a very special Treelord Ancient:

As befits a gnarled warrior whose knotted bark has survived countless duels, Arwen’jax strides into war with a rugged 3+ save, so be sure to bring your Longstrikes when facing him.

Nature’s Vengeance is a mighty weapon indeed, with 3 attacks on its top profile each dealing out 4 damage; but tread on Arwen’jax’s turf, and you will really incur his wrath:

Join us soon for the final preview, where we’ll look in more detail at the rules for Battletome: Gnomad Feastmasters, which will be available to the community in the very near future!

Credit for all photos to Hugh Wyeth

Original artwork by Sam Manley:

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