Battletome Gnomad Feastmasters: Download it now!

Here it is! Battletome Gnomad Feastmasters is ready to download right now:

Don’t forget that this is a Beta edition of the tome, and the design team welcomes all feedback. You are cordially invited to proactively break this book and feed back all your FAQs to:

So download it, read it, play it and enjoy it! But there are a couple of other ways you can get directly involved with the launch too:

  • Cinderfall Gaming has set up a Facebook group you can join right now:

  • Fancy having a dabble at rules writing yourself? Darren has got a competition just for you:

Come up with a Warscroll for a Warband-style unit, and Darren will include the chosen one in the updated book. So what we’re looking for here is an Age of Sigmar compatible Warscroll for a small unit, along the lines of those issued to Warcry or Underworlds warbands for use in the big game.

  • Planning on writing a few lists? Well send them in, because the next Listbuilding Challenge is going to be themed around Gnomad Feastmasters. I’ll announce it formally when I (finally) write up the MS-You lists, but what we’re looking for – in line with the Beta status of the book – is the most broken, problematic bullshit you can cook up.

So what are you waiting for? Download it and get started!

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