Third Party Spectacular: Mierce Miniatures Heroes

I’m a sucker for a good 3rd party model, and a big fan of Mierce Minis. The resin quality is sky high but it ain’t cheap, so I do keep an eye out for their regular 50% off promos; the latest focuses on their Nobles, who can make some fantastic Heroes (or unit leaders) in Age of Sigmar.

Trust me, there are some absolute treasures in here:

Before I launch into this, I just want to point out that this is not sponsored content. I don’t make a red cent from running this site, and I’m bringing these minis to your attention purely because I happen to think they’re cool. Also please note that in trademark Mierce style, a couple of these sculpts are emphatically NSFW, so you have been warned.

There are literally hundreds of models to wade through, so I’ve picked out my own favourites for each Grand Alliance, and a few wildcards too. What I would say though is that you might want to have a glance through the whole article rather than skipping to your favourite GA, because you will probably find a few gems that could work well in your own army, rather than where I’ve suggested. There line between angels and demons can be a slender one.

In terms of scale, I’ve generally used Mierce’s own base sizes as a guideline. The minis I’ve bought from them in the past (mostly orcs and orc equivalents) have scaled really well, but I can’t vouch for the human size minis and so your guesstimate is as good as mine for those. That being said, the official Khorne Slaughterpriest model is wildly out of scale with the other humans around him, so I don’t personally get too hung up on that stuff.

For context, there’s also a pretty broad tolerance of 3rd party minis in Australia, and YMMV on that aspect. In Australia you’re generally expected to get TO clearance for 3rd party models or extensive conversions, but as long as it’s cool and it’s obvious what it’s meant to be, I’ve never known one to be rejected.

I understand that the UK is a bit of an exception to this because tournament players want to be able to use their minis at Warhammer World events, which means strictly GW only, but that’s not really a thing outside of the UK; and even then, the majority of UK hobbyists don’t attend competitive events. Two mates having a crack at it in the garage is the heartbeat of the hobby, and I know that for all you legends there are zero fucks given about specific events policies. So enjoy.


Kicking us off for the edgelords is this cheeky sausage:

Credit: Mierce Miniatures

I see this as a great Darkoath-styled Sorcerer Lord. He fits right in with that aspect of Slaves to Darkness, which I’ve got a real affection for thanks to the wildly entertaining Underworlds warband: Theddra and chums are the kind of team that really gets down in your blood. Plus Conan. Let’s not forget Conan.

He also looks like he’ll be an absolute blast to paint, with the precious stone and the glowing lamp. I like this one a lot.

Up next we’ve got a pretty sweet alternative Darkoath Chieftain:

Credit: Mierce Miniatures

Those antlers on the helmet and the tattered cloak are what makes this special for me: one look at that and your mind starts swimming with stories about a tribe making its own way out in the wilds, and surviving any way it can. The AOS Warscroll has a pretty sweet Command Ability too, so it’s worth a look all round.

Finally, how about this one for a Chaos Lord on Karkadrak?

Credit: Mierce Miniatures

I’m not a huge fan of the thing on the back, so although it looks vaguely demonic, I’d probably be raiding the bits box to change up the rider. But given that Karkadrak is still not available individually, if you only wanted him and not the remainder of the Start Collecting, it could make a lot of sense.


What we have here is a Nighthaunt hero. Which one specifically? I dunno…one of them? You tell me!

Credit: Mierce Miniatures

He comes on a 50mm base but looks like he’d fit a 40mm just fine, in which case I see him slotting in as a Lord Executioner. That huge sword looks like it’s about to deliver a Damage 3 killing blow for sure.

Credit: Mierce Miniatures

With his hood and flowing cloak, this dude is a badass. I see him as a pretty sweet Guardian of Souls with Nightmare Lantern, although he doesn’t look particularly Ethereal, so you would need some headcannon to explain how this loyal servant of Nagash ended up with his blessings.

The transitions on that cloak could have people drooling, or you could just spray it white and slather on some Nihilakh Oxide. See? This guy does fit right into Nighthaunt!


WTF? That’s not an Orruk!

Skyclad Ciniod, Umaer of Dun Durn on Foot [half price]
Credit: Mierce Miniatures

No, but it’s still our Savage Big Boss. What I’ve got in mind here is the whole “raised by wolves” thing, a human who lived his whole life in the tribe. Daub him with some warpaint and tribal tattoos, and he’s ready for war.

I like this guy more than I should: way more than I should. Maybe it’s the size of his choppa. But Mierce do offer a “Skyclad” female too, and I’m honestly tempted to pick up both:

Credit: Mierce Miniatures

If you like the theme of human Gork-worshippers, but without the rudey nudey, we have this guy:

Credit: Mierce Miniatures

Look at him! There’s no way this grizzled hunter from Ghur is worshipping Goldenballs. Check out that trapped hare on his belt, I love it.

Finally on the Bonesplitterz side, we have this alternative Wardokk or Wurggog Prophet:

Queefus, Bone Orc Shaman on Foot [half price]
Credit: Mierce Miniatures

Multiple monopose Wardokks can look pretty samey, so he can really freshen up your army, but the same could be said about Maniak Weirdnobs. What I’ve done with mine is fixed him onto a boar with superglue, so I can ping him off if ever I want him dancing his little jig on foot, and as you can see he fits the scale just fine:

Credit: Plastic Craic

Moving onto the fat lads, how’s this for a Gutbusters Hero?

Sreng, Currak of the Fir Bholg [half price]
Credit: Mierce Miniatures

On that 60mm he has a Tyrant’s stature, or the cooking pot on his head makes him a decent Butcher too. Very nice.

And closing out Destruction, don’t forget the Grots:

Beb, Nithing on Pig-Bog [half price]
Credit: Mierce Miniatures

This cheeky sausage is rocking the same base size as a Loonboss on Giant Squig, who is a real asset in a modern Squigs army. Very cool.


I’ve got a secret boner for Cities of Sigmar, so they’re going to be the focus of our attention here. I’m a huge fan of Pistoliers, charging into the fray with both guns blazing and protected by little more than optimism and bushy moustaches.

But it’s the council of wizards I really like, and if I ever have the time on my hands I’d love to do an army lead by a convocation of dudes with the full pointy hats and long white beards, and “apprentice wizards” in simple Faith Militant robes as the foot troops. They’ll use the Handgunners Warscroll, with a combination of magic wands and energy blasts from their bare hands as their weapons.

However, given that I am sadly not a retired millionaire, let’s settle for today on maybe buying this kickass miniature:

Crístóir, Cruimther of an Creagán on Foot [half price]
Credit: Mierce Miniatures

This dude would make a superb Battlemage, especially in a Living City army. You’ll want to swap the crucifix out for some Sigmarite icon, but that’s easily done. Epic.

Staying on theme, check out this guy:

Florus, Seer-Sorcerer of Friesia [half price]
Credit: Mierce Miniatures

I’m looking at that seeing a wizard, but he could just as easily be a Witch Hunter. Maybe you could even cook up something to reflect a “Warrior Priest who can fight a bit” in Anvil of Apotheosis?

And that, my friends, is called a segue.

Anvil of Apotheosis

Our final category is frikkin’ sweet fantasy minis that I don’t see having a direct analogue in AOS currently. You might disagree, and see a Warscroll with their name on it, but I see these as being ideal for a homebrew hero in a local campaign.

Let’s start off with a good one:

Erebius, Demiurion on Behema [half price]
Credit: Mierce Miniatures

Oooooooh yeah. “Not Stonehorns” got a good hit out in our original Anvil article, and any Monster is automatically good in Ogor Mawtribes. It doesn’t really look like a Stonehorn specifically, and you’d need to swap out the rider, but it definitely looks like something that any Tyrant would be proud jump on the back of and I’d be more than happy to run this as my Not Stonehorn any day of the week.

In fact, I just might do that.

Answers on a postcard for this one please: who or what is this girl?

Skaadi, Moraine Sorcerer [half price]
Credit: Mierce Miniatures

Maybe she appears from the icy mists, to bring salvation to the Icebone Clan before disappearing just mysteriously?

Maybe your own Free City is on the peak of an frosted mountain, ruled by this reclusive queen?

I don’t know what this is, but I know a model that will dry brush up nicely when I see one, and this is it.

Moving from the sublime to the redonkulous now:

Grīma of Dwimorholt, Līcwāca on Manasceancan [half price]
Credit: Mierce Miniatures

Holy Shit! Would you look at the state of that. This beautiful monstrosity would make a great centrepiece for any Gloomspite Gits army. Bow down to the King of the Gribblies!

Staying on Destruction for a moment, check out the size of this axe head: it’s fucking stupid, in a good way.

Credit: Mierce Miniatures

Make him an orc, make him an ogre, make of him what you will. But that is a rend -3 damage 5 weapon right there, my friend.

This next rude boy is on a chunky 80mm base so he should have significant presence on the tabletop.

Idoneth? Idunno. Or maybe even a swamp-themed army, leading a band of Fellwater Troggoths and the gone-but-not-forgotten Fimir?:

Credit: Mierce Miniatures

Now to round us off, we’ll go back where we started to my hidden Darkoath fetish.

A popular Anvil of Apotheosis meme was Small Guy With Bow of Doom. If you wanted to put that on the tabletop, this is just the lad to do it:

Credit: Mierce Miniatures

And that’s your lot! Hopefully there’s something for everyone there.

I’m broke at the moment, so I’ll have to sell some old stuff before I buy anything new, but if I can get organised with that I’ll be diving in myself. The Centipede, the forest wizard and that Ogor with a pot on his head are probably top of my Buy list, how about you?

Let me know if you’re taking the plunge either in the comments below, or on Twitter and until next time: May Gork bring you strength, may Mork bring you wisdom.

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