Third Party Giants: Biggerer and Betterer

Well you know what? There are a lot of people out there making Giants – like, a lot.

My previous article collected some of my own favourites, but it also launched a tidal wave of (positive) feedback about other big boys that deserve a mention. So today we’re gathering up the best behemoths that the interwebz has to offer: they’re big, they’re beautiful, and they definitely don’t cost $320 a pop.

Yedharo Orc Champion

You want your Giants swole? How about a head swap on this guy (also known as “The Reverse Grimmas“)?

This fella is well worth his EUR 44 over at Yedharo Models. Alex J has got one in the wild, and he’s certainly not lacking in presence:

YES! Just…fucking…YES!!!

How good is that? The head fits like an iron glove, and the scaling is perfect. I’m blown away by this one.

Yedharo has a great range of Orcs over on their site, including some excellent Queens; so if I was running the 1 Mega and 9 Mancrusher build, I’d hoover up a heap of these for sure. Scavenge some second-hand heads (of which there are plenty in the Aleguzzler kit), and you’re ready to conquer.

Verdict: Just a head-swap away from the best little giant in Texas. Love it.


This whopper is perhaps the one mini that got the most mentions from you guys:

Strutting onto your tabletop like he owns the damn thing, Mucklegeet is 18cm tall and ready to rumble. His girth and stature would make him fit in just fine alongside a Mega Gargant or two, and he’s currently reduced to GBP 85 over at Heresy Miniatures.

Whether you prefer this guy or Old Bill from Mierce really is dealer’s choice: they’re both excellent models, they’re both suitably hefty and they’re both particularly affordable for those of us outside the UK, who otherwise get slapped with a premium by GW.

Verdict: Wow. I’m seriously tempted to buy one of these myself, no bull.

Alternative Alternatives

That covers off my own favourites, but there were a couple more worthy of mention.

In the super heavyweight category, Mike Marshall pointed me towards this Crooked Dice effort. This is another whopper, and although the aesthetic is not what I’m going for, it could be a great pick for anyone seeking a classic fantasy look:

Pick him up for GBP60 over at

Finally, Wrigglesby in the comments to my previous article pointed me towards Antlantis minis:

They do have Cyclops and Ettin (two-headed) variants available too, if you’re looking for something a little different. I do have concerns about the height profile falling in between the Mancrushers and the Megas, so it’s probably not for me, but these minis do have a pleasing sword and sorcery vibe.

Grab them starting at GBP 50 for the Giant over at Atlantis Miniatures.

WWPD: What Would Plastic Do?

So where did I land up on this? I’ll set my plans in stone after seeing Man Reads Book, but for now I’m leaning towards a combined arms approach.

I already own two Aleguzzlers (one painted) and a Bonegrinder:

The Bongrinder is carrying a huge piece of rubble swinging on the end of a pole arm, so he fits the bill for a Gatebreaker.

I already jumped in on the Mierce Kraaken, because fucking look at it, so I will of course be running that as Kracken-eater.

That means I have room in my collection for one more, in the classic Giant slot: as tempted as I am by Mucklegeet, I think that’s likely to be one GW Mega Gargant, which gives the added bonus of plenty of bits to adorn the rest of the army.

I’ll convert the unpainted Aleguzzler into a giant orc and paint him green, then add a third monstrous model in that size range to complete the army.

At that point I’ll have a Giant, a Giant Orc and a Giant Monster at each height profile, so it’ll be a proper Destruction rabble of Giant Monsters, and yet thematic in its own way.

That third Aleguzzler-sized model is now confirmed as Vore from Mierce, (how fucking grimdark is this!):

This disgusting specimen is currently GBP 39.99 under Mierce’s promo, and the moment I set eyes on that adorable face, I just could not resist giving him his forever home.

Whether this list will be accepted at events is obviously up to individual TOs, but with a bit of effort put into it (and 4 of the 6 models being official GW) I’d hope that most would give it fair consideration. That’s really a secondary consideration though, because I’m not currently planning on running this as my main competitive army.

Will they actually be a competitive army? Let’s find out once we’ve seen the book, and until then: May Gork bring you strength, may Mork bring you wisdom.

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