A couple of Friday shout outs

Happy Friday folks! As you’ve seen I’ve been pumping out the Gnomehammer Community articles this week, which has unfortunately put back my plans to complete the write-up on Snake Eyes GT. My DMs have been going crazy over that one and I’m rapt to see so much excitement for the Boyz in Green right now, so I will 100% be circling back round to cover the event properly and go deep into all five four of my games. I’ll just ask you to keep the faith because it might be another week or two until I get that pumped out.

Beyond that I’ve also been swamped with cool responses to the Listbuilding Challenge, so I’m going to have to roll that one forward at least one more week to give myself a chance to pull it all together – although that does mean you still have a last chance to ping me your MS-You lists. Again, just stick with me and we’ll get there – the August challenge is slightly delayed, and far from abandoned.

Finally, I just wanted to let everyone know that there’s still more movement to come in the Gnomad Feastmasters space: Darren and the crew will be offering the full Battletome for release in the very near future, which I will of course be covering here on Plastic Craic, and we’ll be backing that up with features on how to put an army on the table as well as an interview with the lead designer himself.

So although this Friday’s article is – let’s be honest – something of a placeholder, there is loads going on right now and plenty on the near horizon. And while you’re here I’ll chuck you a couple of recommendations, one related to Warhammer and one not.

Warhammer related shout out

Does White Dwarf need a shout out from me? Clearlly not, but at the same time I honestly don’t know anyone in my circles who buys it, which is a crying shame because it’s excellent these days. There’s a bit of an unspoken perception that it’s like hanging out in a GW store and doing those little events the manager puts on – that it’s something mainly for the 14 year old crowd, and maybe the odd brutally overweight neckbeard whom you wouldn’t trust to babysit your kids.

Well I’m here to tell you today that in the case of White Dwarf at least, that perception could not be further from the truth. There’s honestly something for everyone in there right now, and they are making sure that includes the competitive crowd too.

For example, if you didn’t read WD478 you’d have missed this little nugget about Gally Vets fighting in two ranks:

Credit: Games Workshop

If nothing else, this proves (as Monica Geller once said) that “nagging works“. But anyway, back on topic – WD479 has Part One of a great campaign system that you won’t want to miss out on, as well as an excellent interview with a new, senior member of the AOS design team. It’s a real insight and as a statement of intent, it’s not to be missed.

White Dwarf has plenty of great stuff in it these days so if you haven’t picked up a copy in a long time, I’d strongly encourage you to give it a fair go.

Non-Warhammer related shout out

Like a lot of people I used to love reading (actual) books, until smartphones rotted my brain and killed my concentration span. I’ve been making an effort to get back into it, which in practice means picking up something easy to digest (as opposed to diving straight into James Joyce).

There’s a modern pulp scene with publishers like No Exit Press and Hard Case Crime putting out consistent page-turners that really fits that bill. It’s all very cool and self aware: I’d recommend anything by either publisher, but I’m really enjoying Jason Starr in particular right now. It’s pretty much the crime fiction equivalent of Mills and Boon – and I can’t get enough of it.

Well that’s another week in the bag. It’s fried chicken and AFL Finals on TV for me tonight, and I hope you enjoy your weekend as much as I know I’ll enjoy that. See you on the other side.

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