Insatiable and Unstoppable: The Gnomad Feastmasters Are Ready To Feast Upon Third Edition

Lock up your pantries and hide your geese! The Gnomad Feastmasters may soon be bringing their caravan to a Free City near you – but who are they? Are they just dwarves for losers? And are you sure the faction’s name doesn’t rhyme with John Wayne Bobbit?

Join us as we feast on this new (unofficial) Order Battletome – and the hungry little blighters within.

Who Are The Gnomads?

By nature a gentle and peaceful folk, the Gnomads prefer to live in harmony with the Realms – just as long as you keep your hands off their dinner plate. Although it might even be fair to say that the typical Feastmaster is built for pudding, not war, when roused they will defend nature’s bounty with all their might – and ferocious teamwork.

Caravans Of Courage

While their true home will always be Ghyran, Gnomad Feastmasters are to be found throughout the Mortal Realms, leading their caravans on endless journeys of commerce, discovery and dinner. But mostly dinner.

Given their close bonds with nature, it is perhaps no surprise that the Gnomad Feastmasters have a special kinship with Sylvaneth in particular. But be sure not to spit out the name of the Great Betrayer in their presence, for the Gnomads are no worshippers of Sigmar. As the World That Was tore itself asunder, Sigmar snubbed the Halflings and their deity, Nuffle – their very existence owes everything to Nuffle’s supreme sacrifice, foregoing his own Godhood to bring his children safe passage to the Mortal Realms.

Gnomads At War

With their herds decimated by the Necroquake, and now The Great Betrayer’s crusades threatening to displace them from their nomadic trails, the Gnomad Feastmasters bear arms like never before. Trails stretching throughout the Realms call upon their phlegmatic forest allies for aid, warped pans are beaten into spear-tips by sweating smithies and ducks plucked furiously by overworked fletchers. In this new Age of Sigmar, the Feastmasters meet every challenge with determination, unity and a rumbling tummy.

Join us in our next Gnomehammer Community article as we take a look at the Gnomad Feastmasters on the tabletop, including some notable Trails and their mightiest heroes.

Credit for all photos to Hugh Wyeth

Original artwork by Sam Manley:

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