Coverage of Orruk Warclans

Without a gun and a badge, what do you got?

A sucka in a uniform waiting to get shot.

~ Eazy-E

Major. Fucking. Hype.

I’m an orcs guy first and foremost, so Warclans weekend is bloody big deal in my world. I launched this blog shortly before the last Warclans book burst into the world, two years ago now. Two years! Fuck me, where does it go?

At the time I absolutely battered into the Warclans coverage, and belted out about 10 articles quick-fire. I won’t quite be spraying them around like an Arrowboy this time around, but I will of course be covering the book extensively. Last time my approach was to do each faction within the book separately, and I think that was notable because it meant that something like Bonesplitterz got its own full article which wasn’t the case everywhere else.

This time I’ll kick off by contributing to Goonhammer’s coverage of the book, and then circle back round to going deep into it on Plastic Craic, with some competitive lists from each section of the book. I’ve already got extensive Ironjawz and Bonesplitterz collections, and I’ve invested in multiple Dominion sets, so I’ll be smashing into Kruleboyz and playing the shit out of this army.

My neck of the woods is out of lockdown, I got my second dose of Pfizer yesterday, the nights are getting longer here in Australia and we’ve got a new orcs book to get stuck into. What’s not to love?

Can’t wait.

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