AOS Core FAQ – Translated from German

Well what do we have here! The Core FAQ is up on the GW website:

I do have some language skills – my French happens to be pretty strong because I lived there for a while, but my German is much weaker. Where that’s relevant is that I can chuck it into Google Translate, and then hopefully make some sense of what it spits out. So I did.

This article isn’t pretty, because I just belted it out quickly in the knowledge that they’ll probably reveal the full FAQ very soon.

Nonetheless, it’s a good faith attempt at bringing you the FAQ as I understand it, and is hopefully helpful.



Q: When an ability allows a unit to issue an order receives without the command being issued and without this giving a Command point, the restriction still applies that you cannot use the same command ability more than once per phase can use? A: Yes.

Interpretation: this actually goes against what a lot of people thought to be the case. If you get access to a Command Ability via a Battalion for example, you don’t also get to use it in the normal way too (doubling up on it in a phase).


Q: In 7.0 it says “you can also join in your hero phase try to cast magic on friendly wizards […] and try to solve with both endless spells ”, but in 19.3.2 it says “At the beginning of the hero phase, each player can […] 1 endless spell try to dissolve ”. What has priority? A: 19.3.2 takes precedence over 7.0.

Interpretation: you do get to dispel in your opponent’s hero phase.


Q: When a unit receiving a repositioning command, at the same time the command wait … fire! can receive that Unit then shoot? On Nein

Interpretation: you can’t Redeploy and Unleash Hell with the same unit in the same phase.

Q: Can a unit make a move halfway up the wall of a Finish off the terrain? A: Yes. Q: Can a unit move from a piece of terrain onto the battlefield jump down if the distance to the battlefield is greater than the movement value of the unit? On Nein

Interpretation: YES! You can officially finish a move halfway up a wall. As ugly as it is, the alternative – unchargeable shooting units on top of terrain – doesn’t bear thinking about.


Q: When a unit receiving a repositioning command, at the same time the command wait … fire! can receive that Unit then shoot? On Nein.

Interpretation: As above in 8.0


Q: What if a model made a move up executes at the beginning of the movement of two enemy units is equidistant? A: It needs to finish the move up so that it can be used by everyone of these units is no further away than when the movement began.

Interpretation: You can double-lock a unit in combat by putting it in base to base with two different units. It can’t then slide away from one of them and nominate the other as its closest unit. There’s also a dick move you can pull here that I won’t go into.


Q: In 14.3, saving throws are made for wounds or prevent fatal wounds before facing a model be assigned to. However, many units have capabilities that triggered when wounded or fatally wounded assigned to a model. I can after a saving throw Use skills that match assigned wounds or fatalities Prevent injuries? A: Yes.

Interpretation: OK this one is a bit garbled, but I think it’s saying that some units have abilities triggered by assigning a wound to a particular model; and this is saying that you do get to do that even though you have already rolled a save roll first. They really could have used a flow chart for this whole process to be honest.

Q: Some older skills give a kind of “bodyguard” effect (e.g. Protector on the Vanari Bladelords troop scroll or Selfless Protector on the Saurus Scroll Guard), by the damage inflicted on a friendly hero would be assigned to another friendly unit instead is assigned. Can I use skills like this before or after I make saving throws for that hero? A: These “bodyguard” skills are used instead of one Save for a wound or mortal wound that would be assigned to that hero.

Interpretation: Sounds to me like Bodyguard saves are instead of saves or wards, so you don’t get to attempt to ward it away first and then palm it off. And if the Bodyguard fails, you just cop it – no ward save after that. Fuck you, Kroak.


Q: Some factions can join their army after the battle begins Add terrain features. The terms faction terrain (17.0.3) and faction terrain feature (23.0) refer to all terrain features with faction terrain scrolls, including those belonging to the army to be added? A: Yes.

Interpretation: Wyldwoods and so on do count as faction terrain.

Q: If the answer to the above question is yes, then placement restrictions also apply to faction terrain features that be set up after the battle has started? A: Yes.

Interpretation: …and are therefore subject to the same placement restrictions.


Q: Sometimes it is impossible to have 1 or more models in one unit to set up. 17.2.3 says, for example: “If an occupable Piece of land with crew is torn down, […] [must the] surviving models of the crew […] within 6 “of the Terrain feature and wider than 3 “from all enemy units be placed remotely. ”What if a model is not on can be set up this way? A: The model is removed from the game and does not count as killed

Interpretation: If your Garrison gets smashed, any models you can’t place are fucked (but do not count as slain).


Q: In 18.1 it says: “If a target is on the border between two Territories is placed, it is considered to be within both territories. ”Does that mean such a target is considered entirely within both territories? On Nein

Interpretation: No, they are not wholly within both territories – they straddle both. Will be important for several Battleplans and Battle Tactics this one.

Q: In 18.1.2 it says: “Are there models of a unit within 6 “To get two or more goals, you have to choose 1 of those goals Models claim this unit. ”Can I decide that some models of the unit one and other models of the unit claim other goals? On Nein

Interpretation: a unit can only contest one objective, no matter how many its models are spread across.


Q: If anything is beyond the range of a caster’s spells increases, this also applies to the distance at which an endless spell can be erected around that caster? A: Yes.

Interpretation: if you extend a wizard’s casting range, you also get the benefit for Endless Spells.


Q: Does a priest’s attempt to summon an invocation count? against the number of prayers that priest can say? A: Yes.

Interpretation: LOL @ Khorne


Every friendly monster 1 monstrous outbreak of violence from the table below. ”When I do a unit with the Keyword Monster that consists of more than 1 model, I can then make a monstrous one with every model of that unit Carry out an outbreak of violence? A: Yes

Interpretation: Outbreak of violence! Love it. Good news for Mancrushers – I still wouldn’t run em though.


Q: Some rules say that a model “becomes” a <keyword> or that a model “is” a <keyword>, where <keyword> stands for monster, hero, wizard or Priest stands. Means “to become” or “to be” here the same thing, how to have the keyword on the warscroll? A: Yes. However, if a rule says that 1 model in a Unity becomes a <keyword> is only retained in the unity that model the key word.

Interpretation: If you become or count as a Monster or Wizard, you get the same benefits as having the keyword on your warscroll. If the rule says it’s only 1 model that becomes it, only that 1 model gets the keyword.


Q: Some terrain features read “IMPASSABLE” on the scroll. Is this in the sense of the monstrous outbreak of violence “To Shattering rubble “a rule of the road? On Nein

Q: On some of the terrain features, the scroll reads “WILDHAIN”. Is this in the sense of the monstrous outbreak of violence “To rubble smash “a terrain rule? On Nein

Interpretation: Hain = Grove in German, so it looks like this refers to Wyldwoods. The terrain doesn’t lose that keyword or impassible if a monster smashes it up.


Q: In the note in the margin column to 25.3 (unit size) is mentions a “maximum size”, this term is used in the basic rules but nowhere defined. What exactly is meant by that? A: The maximum size of a unit is the highest number of units Models that can be chosen for that unit. This depends depends on whether the unit can be reinforced, and will on a case-by-case basis Case determined.

Interpretation: I’m reading this as saying a maximum unit size is the largest you could possibly reinforce it to. So if it has Battleline If status, and you meet the criteria (e.g. you have the correct General or subfaction), it would be triple the basic size for that unit. I really hope the English wording is tight on this one.

Q: Can I use the same basic battalion multiple times? Take up army? A: Yes.

Interpretation: Simples.


Q: Can use the Flame Weapon spell from the universal theory of magic (27.5.3) the melee weapon of a mount can be chosen? A: Yes.

Interpretation: if you take Flaming Weapons, you can choose one of your Mount’s weapons. I think that’s how most played it already, but it did keep coming up as a question.

Q: Can unique units choose spells from Universal Magical Doctrine or Universal Scripture? On Nein

Interpretation: No Flaming Weapons for Archaon, thank goodness.

PATH OF GLORY (BASIC RULEBOOK) Q: In Path of Glory, if a unit in my battle roster has one model that is a wizard, the rest of the Models of the unit but not wizards (e.g. in the case of a Steedmasters in a Vanari Dawnriders unit of 3 or more Models), does that unit count against my battle formation limit for wizard units? On a. COMPETITION OF GENERALS (BASIC RULEBOOK) Q: When I start an army generals competition I can add units to the battle with it Exceeding limits? For example, can I have a colossal unit summon when my unit already has the maximum number Contains Colossus Units? A: The limits for the number of Leader, Artillery and Colossus units only apply when you assemble your army, you can ignore these limits if you add a adding such a unit. The unique unit limit applies but still (you can never have the same unique unit have more than once in your army).

Interpretation: It’s not Match Play so I’ll leave it up to you whether you want to read this one.



# 21.1 – Monstrous outbreak of violence In the first sentence, the word “monster” must be in the keyword format: “At the end of the attack phase, each player can remove 1 monstrous outbreak of violence from the table with each friendly monster execute below. “

Interpretation: You need the Monster keyword to do a Rampage. Is there something that had monster in the fluff text maybe? I dunno, but I didn’t realise this was even a question.


27.3 – improvements Add the following rule: “27.3.8 RIDING PROPERTIES Some allegiance skill collections include mount traits. Every time you choose a mount trait, you can You choose 1 mount trait and assign it to a hero of yours Give army who can sustain it. A hero can no longer than 1 have mount trait, and an army can do the same Mount trait not included multiple times. “

Interpretation: You can’t take the same Mount Trait more than once, and a given hero cannot take multiple. Metalcruncher spam, we hardly knew ye.

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