Dominion Warscroll Reviews: Kruleboyz

Remember how I said I’d be contributing to Goonhammer’s AOS 3 coverage? Well here we go!

First up we’ve got my thoughts on the Destruction half of the starter set. This is a tricky one in a lot of ways – if you think you’re going to take on full Battletomes with half an army operating mainly off its warscrolls, then you’re probably going to be disappointed.

So I’ve tried to review these rules for what they are, while acknowledging that some of the key units look like they are designed around an Allegiance kit that we have not yet seen.

There will be more to say when we see their book (most likely slotting into an expanded Orruk Warclans), but even without that, there’s enough to get your teeth into – so if (like me) you’re excited to see what the new Orruks bring to the table, then click that link!

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