December List Building Challenge: Kragnos

We’ve all been there. Christmas is great – I am emphatically a Christmas person – but fuck me, it gets a bit much sometimes. We all need to slope off for a bit, and I don’t know about you, but for me that means finding somewhere quiet and whipping out the phone for a few minutes.

Maybe you’re not a miserable old bastard like I am, but on the assumption that you are, how about you put that down-time to some good use and crank out a themed list?

Everyone is excited about putting Kraggalicious in their armies right now, and why wouldn’t you?

The really big thing here is that 3D6 charge ability, which has loads of applications.

So in a naked bid for cheap clicks glow of community spirit, I’m throwing the invite out to you all to come up with your best Kragnos lists.

The criteria

The list must contain Kragnos. Beyond that, go nuts.

I’m faction-agnostic, so show me what you’ve got and I’ll publish my favourites. They can be competitive or fun, skewed or balanced, and I’ll publish basically whatever garbage you send in my selections in two weeks’ time.

Unless they’re all irredeemable trash, or (more likely) you all completely ignore this appeal and leave me hanging, in which case I’ll have to write the bloody things myself, won’t I?

How to submit your lists

The best way is to DM me on Twitter:

Or if you don’t do the bird, you can post on my sparingly-used FB page and I’ll pick it up there:

If this gets any kind of traction I’ll follow up on it in January by posting up a new challenge then too, because it’s a lazy-ass way to stay relevant bit of fun to get everyone involved and bouncing ideas around.

Merry Christmas Mortherfuckers

And with that, on goes the Out of Office, and off goes the light switch. I hope you have a good one ladies and gents, and I’ll leave you with my favourite Christmas dad joke of the year:

What are the best Christmas sweaters made from?
Fleece Navidad.

See you on the other side.

Credit for the cover image goes to NC Dave

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