Battletome Gnomad Feastmasters: Rules Preview

That rumbling sound in the distance may be growing, but what you hear is not rolling thunder, nor the coming of the God of Earthquakes – it’s the pot-bellied stomachs of the Gnomad Feastmasters, as their Battletome is set to hit the Mortal Realms.

We’ve recently looked at the background to the Gnomads as well as the Trails that weave their way through the Realms. In today’s Gnomehammer Community Article we’ll be learning why they are so much more than just a lame version of dwarves, starting with the bread and butter of any army, the Battleline troops:

With one wound and no armour save, it’s fair to say that an isolated Drover is not particularly rugged. But pinning them down might not be as easy as you think:

And while their Pots and Spoons might not carry the heft of the iconic Slayer of Kings or Dread Mace, the strength of the Feastmaster is their unity – by working together they can overcome even the mightiest of foes.

With a full suite of Battle Traits, Enhancements and subfactions, the warscrolls of this army are just the beginning. For example the Trail Blazer Command Trait can help you steal a march on your opponents before the blooshed even begins:

Gnomad Feastmasters will have to leverage all of their abilities and synergies to bring their opponents down to their own size, and beat them with experience. So if you’re ready to herd flocks of angry geese towards your foes, muster your mighty War Cockerels and share your war stories around the campfire with a contented belly full of bread and mead, get download your copy of Battletome Gnomad Feastmasters in the very near future!

Credit for all photos to Hugh Wyeth

Original artwork by Sam Manley:

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