How to Collect Gnomad Feastmasters

You’ve seen the background. You’ve seen the rules. You’ve seen Sam’s artwork. Now how do you do an army of the little blighters?

3D Printing

Well the first thing to say is that Dan C has performed a huge service for the community by creating a host of Gnomad-specific STL files for you to enjoy. First of all we have the mighty War Cockerel:

But that’s not all – not by a long stretch:

There’s also some thematic scatter terrain available on Thingverse from other creators:

And it will be important to use the following as the basis for your Faction Terrain:

Used in conjunction with this paid-for wagon file, to make your own little caravan of courage:

Last but not least, although not made specifically for this project, there are some very nice (and affordable) STL files available to purchase from Duncan Shadow:

Credit: Hugh Wyeth

So let’s have a big Community thank you to Dan C – that War Cockerel in particular is so fuggin cool! As well as huge thanks to Yasashii (…) for posting up the files that could be remixed by Dan.

Games Workshop Minis

There are of course some great plastic minis available from Games Workshop that can be used in your Gnomads army. First and foremost is the modern classic Halfling Bloodbowl team:

Credit: Games Workshop

You might also want to bolster your forces with Games Workshop’s excellent Treelords and Wyldwoods and even – if you follow the Curet Trail – their Ogors.

Credit: Games Workshop

3rd Party Minis

Finally, there are some solid 3rd party options on the market, including a full range from Mantic:

Credit: Mantic Games

And likewise from Fantasy Heroes:

Credit: TT Combat

Worth noting that Scibor Miniatures have some very distinctive 3rd Party Ogres to round out your Curet Trail. Check out this Butcher for example – would you look at the state of him!

Credit: Scibor Miniatures

So as you can see, there are loads of options for getting your Gnomads on the table – all you need now is the rules, right?

Well the good news is that the Battletome is available to download for free right now! To round out the launch of Battletome Gnomad Feastmasters don’t miss our interview with the designer – including a couple of competitions you can get involved with.

So what are you waiting for? Get around it!

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