The Sunday Sessions: 14th May 2023

by @plasticcraic

Tweet of the Week

Nico is a well-known rules expert and has famously been playing Mostly Grots since early 1st edition. How good is it that he’s still finding new creative energy in these little fellas? This

Setting the Scene

There’s a street in Carlton called Lygon Street, which is famous for its Italian restaurants. There’s a whole bunch of pubs and general shopping too, but the Italian restaurants are what it’s known for. So in theory, that would be the worst place in Australia to open up a ristorante, correct? Way too much competition.

Well that’s obviously bollocks because they all do a roaring trade, and having a whole cluster of great places works for everyone. It attracts people to the area and it gets a scene going – nobody wants to go out for the night in a run-down shithole where every second premises is boarded up. They’re not competition, they lift each other up.

It’s why I’ve written a bunch of articles for Goonhammer over the years, free of charge. I do it because I love Age of Sigmar, I love reading about it and I want to read more – so I’ve always been happy to work with other high-quality blogs. I’m all for it.

So all of this is a pretty long-winded way of saying that I wrote a short guest piece for Woehammer and you should go check it out. They do great work and I’d be happy to work with them again in future.

During English class, the teacher asks Little Johnny “Can you give me a sentence containing the word Fascinate?”

“Of course Miss,” Johnny replies. “My mum’s cardigan has 10 buttons, but her boobs are so big, she can only fasten 8.”

What’s with the Spanish flag?

Sweet of you to ask. We’ve got a good spread of writers here at Plastic Craic, with half the core team living in Australia and the rest spread across the UK, USA and Netherlands. We’ll all be cheering hard for our own teams at Worlds in a couple of weeks and I’ll be hoping to see the Aussies on stream when the time comes. But we also wanted to “adopt” a team for the event, to follow their exploits and give them a bit of coverage that they might not always receive in the English-language media.

Well Team Spain doesn’t need much help from us, because they are currently owning Twitter, so make sure you give them a follow if you haven’t already. They’re a great bunch and we’re looking forward to following them on their journey.

The Shoutout

Heywoah is a genius and his YouTube videos are an automatic Day One watch. I think he was a bit gutted we beat him to the punch with our own Double Turn guide, since his own was already well in the pipeline, but they do come at it from slightly different angles. While there’s clearly some overlap in themes, I’d say that ours is more didactic, and there’s plenty of room for both. Check it out.

The Week Ahead

  • Is there a growing stigma to disliking the Priority Roll? Well if there is, I’ve probably played my own part in that, so our very own Theo Kik is here to present a rebuttal and tell me I’m full of shit give a voice to the voiceless.
  • Carnage baby! The team delivers their Power Picks and Coolest Lists for Mancunian Carnage in the UK, in our trademark list review format. All killer, no filler.
  • And taking Kruleboyz to any tournament is a flex. Taking them to Masters is insanity. Taking them to Masters and winning multiple games is God Tier. Let’s see how Clarkey made it happen.

Fair to say that it’s been a big week on Plastic Craic, and next week is lining up to be another cracker. We were rapt to welcome Josh Clark, Joel McGrath and Xander Bennet as Patrons last week, so big shoutout to all three and welcome aboard.

It’s a pretty chill group in the Discord – we’re keeping it to writers and Patrons only, which means we’ve got a small but active group and no dickheads. When someone asks for list feedback, everyone else is happy to chip in with what is hopefully some kind of sensible comments. So if you have been enjoying the AOS coverage we’re putting out, and want to help us keep growing, you know what to do.

If you’d like to help us continue with our work, we’d love to have your support. Please click here to join us on Patreon.


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