AOS FAQ: Every Faction in 5 Words or Less

We’ve got the Core Rules. We’ve got the General’s Handbook. And now we’ve got the third pillar: the FAQ.

We know what we’re working with, so let’s dive in and pick the bones out of it.

We’re gonna bash through everything in alphabetical order, snarking over analyzing the key takeaway for each faction with a rate of fire that Arrow Boys would be proud of, and a similar degree of precision.

Ready? Let’s go.



Your Bullgors are everybody’s now.

Credit: @EatBrayLove


You can still use Archaon.

Legion of Azgorh

Is not a thing.

Legion of the First Prince

Is a thing.


Can still use Plague Monks.


Opponents can’t stand in Gnawholes.


Let’s try again in 6 months.


Deamonrift no longer reams Lumineth.


Horrors: Kings of Unintended Consequences.

Credit: @Asmodire



You can spam Gruesome Bite.


Bladegheists can issue themselves CAs.


Not much Command Ability love.

Credit: @scottfr77300481


Convert yourself a Gravekeeper.


Gloomspite Gits

Bad, and getting worse daily.


Still can’t use Allegiance Abilities.

Ogor Mawtribes

You can spam Metalcruncher.

Credit: @StrijkijzerAoS

Orruk Warclans

Wait for the new book.

Sons of Behemat

Can kick from Turn One.


Cities of Sigmar

Runelord can’t stack rend, thankfully.

Daughters of Khaine

Nothing much changed.


Volturnos need not be General.

Credit: @FuneralDinosaur


“Friendly unit” loopholes shut down.


Remarkably unscathed.

Kharadron Overlords

Every rules lawyer’s wet dream.


Loreseeker still not Unique (yet).


Bound Endless Spells officially gone.

Stormcast Eternals

5+ Ward for Sequitors.


Kurnoths can’t reroll saves.

BOSH how easy was that! Thanks to all the artists who gave permission to use their minis (including Sado for the cover image) – go check them out and give them a follow on Twitter – as well as Dan for reminding me about the Soulblight change. Thank yoooo!

The site has been a bit quiet recently as I’ve had a lot on outside of Warhammer (how rude!), but I’m aiming to crank it up again over the coming weeks.

In the meantime, there’s plenty of great coverage out there, and I’ve been particularly enjoying Goonhammer for the writings, and Warhammer Weekly for the talkings. So go check them out.

Next article should be a feature on Battle Tactics, going into a little more depth on how I’ll be going about winning games in this brave new world. Or getting drunk and tabled, but hopefully the winning thing. See you then!

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