HeroHammer Challenge: Battle of the Blogs

by @plasticcraic, @seanzor, Theo Kik-Jansen

Would you say Gally Champs fulfilled their brief? I’ve quite enjoyed this Handbook, but I don’t know that it’s entirely achieved what it was supposed to. The whole fighting in the Hero Phase thing didn’t take off, and while GCs have certainly enjoyed their extra tech, it’s mainly movement stuff to get them in the right place to deliver their buffs (or cap an objective) that’s made a competitive splash. It’s still been pretty good, but we haven’t really been playing HeroHammer as such and frontline fighting with the wee men.

Well that’s what we’re here to fix today.

The Tournament

We’ve teamed up with a whole bunch of the big dogs in Age of Sigmar blogging to deliver a knockout tournament, and send the Gally Champs out in style. 16 of us will each design one Gally Champ to step into the Thunderdome, and duke it out in a straight elimination bracket.

Plastic Craic will be represented by Peter A, Theo and Sean each putting their best foot forward. We’ll be joined by the legends from Woehammer, Goonhammer, Sprues and Brews, No Rerolls and AOS Shorts. Quite the circle jerk, no?

AOS Pete will be streaming the whole thing: he’ll do a live draw for the bracket on Twitch, and then smoosh our minis together on his channel using TTS, to see which one rolls best on its wards is the true champion of the Mortal Realms. Let’s take a look at the entries from the Plastic Craic team.

Pete Atkinson: Starey McLazerface, Wurrgog Prophet

The whole world knows what the Wurggog does by now – and he’s got a string of Kragnos skulls around his belt to prove it.  This cheeky sausage is packing the factory-standard 4+ ward from his artefact, which improves to a 2+ ward in combat once per game.

I reckon wards in general and Ghurish Rage in particular will be pretty popular in this one, so I’ve gone Drakkfoot subfaction to switch em off.  This only applies to attacks, so it won’t help me push through the staring mortals, but it could still be clutch when an enemy model goes first and charges me.  Forcing through even a couple of pips of damage on their turn makes the staring that little bit easier when my hero phase rolls around.

The 1 extra wound Command Trait is a niche choice – but you’d be amazed how often a Wurrgog stares himself to death by exactly the right (wrong?) number of wounds.  It might also give me the edge in the stare-down mirror match, where every wound counts, although really we’re still well within “see what the dice do” territory.

I’ve kitted out my little guy with durability bonuses to help me get through a lengthy bout of staring, and also as insurance for losing the first prio and getting charged.  But as soon as I get a Hero phase, one of us is dead.  There will be no movement phase: you’re either getting stared to death or I’m committing suicide by mask. Those are the two options.

Now, there are two rules for Twitter polls:

  • If you ask people what army to run, they will always pick the shittest option for you
  • You honour the results

When I asked people to name my Wurrgog for me, they chose Starey McLazerface, so that is who he is and will forever be. 

Gorkspeed, you green emperor.

Sean Benson: Mister Krul aka Krulboy the Krulghast Cruciator

You can score all the goals you want but you don’t win any championships without solid defence. So I’m coming in hot with Shyishian defence in the form of the -1 to melee damage, -1 to wound rolls in melee, 4+ ward against mortals, 4+ ethereal save, 6+ base ward and all out ghosting for the 5+ ward whenever it’s relevant.

The full package rounds out when you throw that defensive game alongside 4 ranged shots, 4 melee attacks, Nighthaunty charge bonuses and all the pain and agony Nagash has committed Krulboy to. Come and join us in Shyish, it’s boo-tiful this time of year. 👻

Theo Kik-Jansen: Flute-boy, Warsong Revenant

The Warsong Revenant is the ultimate Galletian Champion. He has 7 wounds, a 5+ save and a 4+ ward. Thanks to the Command Trait Rend-Be-Gone Gnarled Warrior he becomes Ethereal too. Nice!

In the Hero Phase he will then cast Flaming weapon, turning his main weapon into a 5 attack, H3+W3+ -1R 3dmg beatstick. His second spell will be his warscroll spell, his major weapon! He rolls a number of dice equal to the casting roll and on every 5+ he does a MW.

He has a 8” move, so charge distances should be limited. The Greenwood Gladius gives him D3 extra attacks on his main weapon. He’ll pop the CP for AoA. After the spell he probably doesn’t have to do too many wounds to kill his opponent off. Easy peasy.

If The enemy gets priority, ha has a little trick up his sleeve. The Ironbark sub-faction allows him to use the command ability Stand Firm on a unit that’s charged, for D3 MW on a 2+. That’s a nice little ping for a small hero battle!

Painted by the lovely Sjoerd Sijbesma

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