Ongoing Coverage of Battletome: Orruk Warclans

“Success in any endeavor requires single-minded attention to detail and total concentration.”

~ Slick Willie Sutton, Bank Robber

Good morning Boarboyz and Boargirlz! I want to add a quick note to let people know what to expect from the blog over the next couple of weeks.

As you know, I’m a huge Destruction fan, and this release means a lot to me – so I will be pulling out all the stops to make sure we do it justice.

What we’ve covered so far

So the first article, written a month out from release, was a preview filled with wild predictions. It’s quite good fun looking back at which parts were on the money and which were utter bullshit:

After that we launched into a fan-service review of the book, where I invited some stalwarts of the Destruction community to share their thoughts on the new book. Our guest writers each picked out their favourite Warscrolls, some cool combos and any other initial thoughts they have on the book:

The most recent article was a two-part focus on Maw Krushas. Part 1 was a deep dive on the new Warscroll from Tom “Double Cabbage” Bell:

In Part 2, I explored how to build a Maw Krusha loadout to fit your own requirements:

But we’re just getting started!

What’s next?

Coming up later this week, I will have a two-part mini series where friends of the blog Frank DeLoach and Dalton Copeland both discuss their tournament wins with the new book.

That’s right, both of these Megabosses exploded out of the blocks to win one-day events within a week of the book launching. I’m delighted that they are taking the time to share their lists, and how they operated on the tabletop.

I’ll be putting up an analysis of the FAQ when it drops this weekend, and after that, I will be diving into a full 3-part review of the Battletome, kicking off with Bonesplitterz.

The format you can expect is a quick blast through the lore, and a deep dive on the rules and tactics. I will be putting up some list building blocks and army bulding archetypes, and flagging up some really filthy combos that myself and others have already spotted.

The upside of this schedule is that it means we will have the FAQ in hand before we publish the full review, so we will be as informed as possible.

Let me tell you, initially I was royally pissed off that there were no Endless Spells and Terrain; but there is so much good stuff in this book that I’ve turned that frown upside down. I’m loving that #AoSLyf right now and this book has loads to offer.

Content Directory

Finally, I want to point you in the direction of some other great content that is already out there.

Although I do think those “Read the book from cover to cover” leak videos have an important place – believe me, I was all over them – I think at this stage they are no longer a high priority for most people.

We have the book in hand, we know the contents – what we want is value-added analysis. So that’s what I’m focussing on here.

Doom and Darkness

Full disclosure, I’m a massive Doom fanboy. Nonetheless, he has absolutely nailed it with his coverage of this release.

The main reivew (with a heavy focus on Ironjawz) has some really thoughtful analysis of how the book will work in practice, and some great ideas for exploiting the movement shenanigans:

The Bonesplitterz and Ironjawz Unlocked shows both bring back a beloved format, which effectively reviews the book by presenting and breaking down multiple list archetypes. Both guests (Matt Gammie and Vince Venturella) are outstanding:

Finally (for now) there is a Batrep where new Ironjawz take on new Sylvaneth.

Spoiler alert: 30 Dryads have historically been a real challenge for Ironjawz to trudge through.

How will the irresistable force go against the immovable object?

I’ve got one word for ya: TIIMMMMBBEEERRRRRRRR!

The Honest Wargamer

Rob and Nathan put out a great overall review of the book. Nathan is a long-term Megaboss and he really knows his stuff; some of the combos he comes out with leave Rob audibly shocked:

Following on from that, Rob picked the brains of Leo Rautonen. Leo has consistently achieved S-Tier results with the GH19 rules for Ironjawz, so there is nobody better to break down the new book for you. It’s a great insight into the thought process of a top, top player:

I’m sure there is plenty more great content out there, but that’s what I’ve been enjoying so far. Hour after hour of stimulating discussion of the book, at your fingertips…what a time to be alive!

I’m looking forward to keeping the bandwagon rolling over the coming weeks, with plenty more coverage on the blog.

The next landmark is the FAQ this weekend…see you on the other side!

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