Everwinter: Power Picks and Coolest Lists

It’s been a long time coming. Ya boy Michael Thomson is running the 2-day Everwinter event in Canberra this weekend (26th – 27th November 2020), and it’s set to be the first open-borders tourney since Saggy T: so look out, because the Vics are coming. One of the great joys of playing Australian AOS isContinue reading “Everwinter: Power Picks and Coolest Lists”

Glogg’s Megamob: White Dwarf Review

You know who plays Troggs? Handsome cavaliers, brave souls who are willing to defy convention, creating big memories in the quest for victories against the odds.  You know who doesn’t play Troggs?  Cowards.  So decide who you are, and if you fall into that second category, you might as well give up now.  You’ll probablyContinue reading “Glogg’s Megamob: White Dwarf Review”

Sons of Behemat Wrap-Up: Allies, Mercs and Misconceptions

At this point, it’s fair to say I’ve banged on about the book at length. This final post in the Sons of Behemat series will be a quick one, addressing a few questions that have already come up time and again, hopefully acting as a useful reference for people who, like me, are planning onContinue reading “Sons of Behemat Wrap-Up: Allies, Mercs and Misconceptions”

Breakers Tribe: Smash It All Down

Takers Tribe yesterday got me pretty fired up: breaking all those scenarios wide open felt pretty good, in my head at least! I’m going to be up front after that and say that Breakers is the Tribe where I personally see the least competitive potential, even though the Executioner has the coolest look; if LotanContinue reading “Breakers Tribe: Smash It All Down”

Takers Tribe: Kicking For Goal

Let’s not muck about: the mechanics of the Kraken-Eater in general, and his Takers Tribe in particular, are without a doubt the most innovative, exciting, new-shiny, powerful and generally fucking wonderful thing in the whole book, glistening like a diamond in a dog turd. Today’s review is all about getting our kicks from Takers Tribe,Continue reading “Takers Tribe: Kicking For Goal”

Stompers Tribe: Zoning Boards and Clearing Hordes

Stompers Tribe What if giants, but smashier? Make the Warstomper your General, run your Sons in Stompers, and all your dreams of stamping on puny infantry like insects can come true. Kinda. Before I launch into the details of this army and how I see it winning games (or otherwise), let me steer you towardsContinue reading “Stompers Tribe: Zoning Boards and Clearing Hordes”

Sons of Behemat: List Tech and Batrep with Alex Butler

Are they good? Are they shit? Are they fun? Are they frustrating? You know what, there’s room for more than one opinion here – and certainly room for nuance between the extremes. Although I might have my own reservations about where this army will ultimately sit, I was rapt to read about Alex’s early adventuresContinue reading “Sons of Behemat: List Tech and Batrep with Alex Butler”

Sons of Behemat: Battletome Analysis and Review Guide

You know why I love playing Destruction? Because I want to be King Fucking Kong, not the dickhead in a biplane. Nothing – nothing – in the game has the same potential for rule of cool, rule of epic, rule of pure fun as a whole army of giants, but gianter. I’m all in. DoesContinue reading “Sons of Behemat: Battletome Analysis and Review Guide”

Third Party Giants: Biggerer and Betterer

Well you know what? There are a lot of people out there making Giants – like, a lot. My previous article collected some of my own favourites, but it also launched a tidal wave of (positive) feedback about other big boys that deserve a mention. So today we’re gathering up the best behemoths that theContinue reading “Third Party Giants: Biggerer and Betterer”

Third Party Giants Spectacular

So Battletome: Sons of Behemat is incoming: prices have been leaked, and we’re starting to see rules over on the Community page. I will say a few words about pricing at the end, but that’s not the main thrust of this article; what we’re looking at today is what alternatives are out there. As always,Continue reading “Third Party Giants Spectacular”