What’s Next for the Blog; and Vale, Gates of Antares

Luke Skywalker : What is it? Obi-Wan Kenobi : Your father’s light saber. This is the weapon of a Jedi Knight. Not as clumsy or random as a blaster; an elegant weapon for a more civilized age. ~ Star Wars Recently I’ve been posting regularly, so I thought it was worth dropping a quick note to […]

Your Pepsi Subfaction Lists – and the May Listbuilding Challenge

Well I hope that everyone who had a crack at this one enjoyed it as much as I did – I’m a firm believer that exploring the diverse subfactions is a big part of mastering any given book, and what’s more it can really freshen things up. If you want to use your favourite army […]

How to Smash Face with Big Waaagh Part Two: The Lists

Have you ever been overpromised and underdelivered? Across the Easter break we witnessed a dog dash, which is a staple of certain Australian country fairs. Now bear in mind that these aren’t professionally-trained greyhounds: they are family pets, and they “race” as such. A bunch of kids line up their poodles, cavoodles, labradoodles and assorted […]

How to Smash Face with Big Waaagh!: List Tech

Waaagh! What is it good for? Plenty, as it turns out. Big Waaagh is definitely having a moment in the minds of the listbuilders out there, and when Joel Graham tells me that it’s ready to pounce on the meta – I listen. The first thing that springs to mind is combining the melee power […]

Incarnate of Ghur Revealed: Full Rules and Analysis

Praise Gork for the leakers! Thanks to some kind soul with a heart of gold and a camera phone that looks like it was at least produced this century, we now have the full rules for Krondspine, Incarnate of Ghur: First thing to note is that this thing has the Behemoth Battlefield Role, but is […]

Your KO Combat Lists – and the April List Building Challenge

Why bother? Why the hell would anyone waste their time making a melee KO list? I mean, it’s a fair question, but also overstates what we’re doing here. The core premise is lists combining KO and a melee element – it absolutely can be a combined arms list (not pure combat), and in fact it […]

Reflections On The AOS Balance Update

Opinions are like arseholes, and I’m here today to share mine with you. OK let me rephrase that… The reaction to the latest balance patch for AOS has been – in a word – divisive. There’s an extensive discussion over on TGA, which I would encourage anyone with the time on their hands to have […]

Vic GT 2022: Power Picks and Coolest Lists

If you snooze, you lose. This 60-player Measured Gaming event sold out quicker than a content creator offered free review copies, cementing Bendigo’s reputation as a world-leading regional centre for Age of Sigmar. Seriously, if you know a town of similar scale that has produced this many Masters-level players, and can sell out events of […]

Your Curse Lists – Plus the March Listbuilding Challenge

I think there are rock stars within every subgenre, and for people who are obsessed with musical theater Sutton Foster and Audra MacDonald are like Beyonce to them. I’m sure the a cappella world has their own version of that, and that exists in every geeky subculture. ~ Anna Kendrick BAM! Turns out you guys […]

Going 4-1 with Bonesplitterz and Kragnos

Calvin Rarie of Atlanta, Georgia has been playing Age of Sigmar for 4 years now. Calvin is an enthusiast for under-represented armies and has followed up on his guide to Bonesplitterz by putting it in action at a GT! Over to you, Calvin. Bonesplitterz has for the duration of 3rd Edition been an army written […]

Your Spiderfang Lists – plus the February Listbuilding Challenge

I asked for your Skitterstrand Arachnarok lists, and after the absolute deluge of Kragnos lists I received…it’s fair to say this challenge was a bit more of a niche interest. You have to be pretty fucking brave to play Spiderfang, but it’s still the coolest army bar none on the tabletop and we’ve selected a […]

Revealing Missions in Event Packs: Yay or Nay?

This week on twitter we’ve seen some lively discussion around missions for events, and specifically whether they should be revealed in advance. You can catch up on the conversation below: I'll lobby this till the day I die. We already proven that missions on the day achieve a worse experience for the players. Come on […]

2021: A Year in Plastic

2021 has been a weird old year; and although some of us will be glad to see the back of it in many ways, it’s still a year in our lives and time we’ll never get back. So let’s take a wander through the highs and lows, and value what we have by awarding “The […]

December List Building Challenge: Kragnos

We’ve all been there. Christmas is great – I am emphatically a Christmas person – but fuck me, it gets a bit much sometimes. We all need to slope off for a bit, and I don’t know about you, but for me that means finding somewhere quiet and whipping out the phone for a few […]

Shirtripper’s Guide to Bonesplitterz in Age of Sigmar 3.0

(Or how I learned to stop wearing pants and learned to love the Waaagh!) It’s the community that makes wargaming such an important part of our lives, and although they’re a small faction, Bonesplitterz has a really cool community. Seriously – people love this army, and there is a band of dedicated players who keep […]

BoneSpiderz: Back in the Saddle

Tonight, I am staying at the palace of Prince Kaunitz, where I shall sleep two or three hours. The Russian army is not only defeated, it is destroyed. I kiss you, Napoleon ~ Excerpt of a letter from Napoleon to Josephine, 1805 Well hello there!  I want to say a big thank you to everyone […]

Taking a Break

No man but a blockhead ever wrote except for money. ~ Samuel Johnson Just a quick word to say that I will be hanging up the keyboard for a while. I’ve been unwell with food poisoning, and although I’m up and about again, it did knock me around a bit. Unwell I ate virtually nothing […]

Battletome Orruk Warclans: Kruleboyz, with Corey Papinniemi

Corey Papinniemi is, along with Joel Graham, current co-holder of the Australian Master title. Corey writes his own lists, plays with scrupulous table etiquette and barely ever drops a game. He’s a gentleman on the table and away from it, a paragon of winning games the right way and – let’s be honest – not […]

Battletome Orruk Warclans: Bonesplitterz List Tech

Well here we go then! I’ve already had an extended moan about the overall state of my favourite army, so rather than go back over the same ground, you’re welcome to read my thoughts over on Goonhammer where I penned the Bonesplitterz section. I did also contribute briefly to the Ironjawz Warscrolls, and that was […]

Coverage of Orruk Warclans

Without a gun and a badge, what do you got? A sucka in a uniform waiting to get shot. ~ Eazy-E Major. Fucking. Hype. I’m an orcs guy first and foremost, so Warclans weekend is bloody big deal in my world. I launched this blog shortly before the last Warclans book burst into the world, two years […]

Sons of Behemat White Dwarf Update Part Two: The Lists

He’s done it again! Tony P delivering the goods, smashing out those elegant Warscroll Builder updates and making everyone’s hobby that little bit better. Legend. 25 years of heavy drinking has atrophied my brain to the point that I can no longer add up in chunks of 500 or keep track of three artefacts, and […]

AOS Core FAQ – Translated from German

Well what do we have here! The Core FAQ is up on the GW website: I do have some language skills – my French happens to be pretty strong because I lived there for a while, but my German is much weaker. Where that’s relevant is that I can chuck it into Google Translate, and […]

Sons of Behemat White Dwarf Update Part One: The Rules

Oh boy! If I had a dollar for everyone who said they did not want to see Faction-specific Battle Tactics, I could buy myself a Bentley, a private jet or maybe even an authentic Mega-Gargant kit. Well fuck you all, because here they are anyway, with some army-focused “Core” Battalions too. Today’s article will look […]

How To Beat Archaon In AOS 3.0, with Stuart McCowan

Yeah, I said it! That motherfucker is going DOWN….and we’ve got just the lad to lead us on the path to Valhalla. Our boy Stuart McCowan commented on a Twitter thread that caught my attention, and Stuart certainly has the credentials to chime in on this subject. As a veteran of TTS, he’s faced off […]

Reflections On Comp

Well this past week has seen quite the shit storm over one particular event pack: Specifically, Facehammer have chosen to alter the rules of the game for their event. They are hardly the first TOs to do so, but it does carry a bit more oomph when it’s playtesters who are doing it. Let’s take […]

Australian Masters List Tech, Part Two

I’ve booked the hotel, because I’m gonna be in no state to drive. I’ve painted the army, because I’m taking something new and fun. Next question – is Masters even happening? By the time this is published we’ll have the answer, but given the COVID outbreak in Queensland and Victorian snap lockdown since my last […]

Australian Masters List Tech, Part One

Part One? PART FUCKING ONE? How much does one self-involved flog need to bang on about his own army? Don’t worry, we’ll be keeping it punchy; this isn’t going to be a Lumineth Hero Phase of an article. Today I’ll run you through my road to Masters and talk about the kind of army I’ll […]

AOS 3 List Tech: Ogors, with Mick Wendel

Welcome back Mike! How’s AOS 3 treating you? I want to start this with the fact that AOS is outstanding and well done to all those involved. This blows the history of fantasy wargaming out of the water! Why? They have given every army something to play for and they have made tactical thinking part […]

Early AOS 3 List Tech: Archaon, with Joel Graham

Joining us for the first in a series on AOS 3 List Tech is Joel Graham. Joel G is well-known competitive player in Australia, and if you play top tables you’ll be very familiar with Joel’s achievements. This motherfucker beat me on Table 1, Round 5 TWICE last year, but more relevant to this article […]

Winning Games in AOS 3: Battle Tactics

Battle tactics are a Very. Big. Deal. There are generally fewer VPs up for grabs on Objectives now: it’s hard to run up a huge gap on primaries alone. What we’ll probably find is that for the next 6 months or so, a lot of games at events will be decided by Battle Tactics; and […]

AOS FAQ: Every Faction in 5 Words or Less

We’ve got the Core Rules. We’ve got the General’s Handbook. And now we’ve got the third pillar: the FAQ. We know what we’re working with, so let’s dive in and pick the bones out of it. We’re gonna bash through everything in alphabetical order, snarking over analyzing the key takeaway for each faction with a […]

AOS 3: Unleash Hell

The third and final article in my current run for Goonhammer explores Not Overwatch: how it works, and what you can do about it. I do discuss whether or not I like this particular rule (could you take a wild guess?), but the heartbeat of the article is really focused on finding practical solutions from […]

AOS 3: Coherency Rules

The picutre is rapidly coming together for how 3rd Edition will look and feel, and we’ve already got people posting up Batreps and the like. Fair play to them, and I love that enthusiasm, but we have still only seen two thirds of the picture: Core Rules are in the bank The new General’s Handbook […]

Dominion Warscroll Reviews: Kruleboyz

Remember how I said I’d be contributing to Goonhammer’s AOS 3 coverage? Well here we go! First up we’ve got my thoughts on the Destruction half of the starter set. This is a tricky one in a lot of ways – if you think you’re going to take on full Battletomes with half an army […]

Coverage Leading Into AOS 3rd Edition

Happy Friday, you Maniaks! Just a quick word on where we’ll be heading with the blog in these exciting times: The plan is that I’ll be collaborating with Goonhammer on their coverage, as well as publishing here on Plastic Craic. Why Goonhammer? Because they have the integrity to actually review the bloody things. I think […]

AOS 3.0: Why I’m Glad The Priority Roll Is Staying

FUCK ME this is moving quickly.  In the time it takes to have an extended whinge about Kragnos, we’ve had not one but four waves of AOS 3.0 reveals.  Today’s Monsters ‘n’ Heroes drop might be the best and most exciting of the lot, but rather than regurgitate what’s already out there, I’ll be picking […]

Kragnos: Buffs and Synergy, and Overall Verdict

OK don’t overthink this, just answer with the first thing that pops into your head. What are your two favourite things about Age of Sigmar? If you just said “Running overcosted monsters” and “Losing games”, then boy are you in for a treat! For the low, low cost of 540 points you can run Gordrakk […]

Kragnos: Warscroll Review

The big fella’s Warsrcoll is out now, and this one is already incredibly divisive. Points guesstimates range wildly for this guy: I’ve seen some top players saying they’d run him at 800, whereas (spoiler alert) I wouldn’t touch him above 500 myself. I said in my last article that we’d either end up with another […]

Tactica: Playing Around Sentinels

Here’s a question for you: can Auralan Sentinels shoot you without line of sight? If you just answered yes, you might want to read on, because there’s a bit more nuance to it than that. Their artillery-style range of 30″ and ability to (largely) ignore line of site can make them feel oppressive to face: […]

The Battle For Ravenhall: Ones To Watch

Well what have we got here! There’s a cheeky 27-player event in Melbourne this weekend – it’s one that I’ll be skipping unfortunately, due to Day 2 clashing with Mother’s Day, but there’s a bloody good field of players in attendance. Good on TO Jason Brown for giving it a crack with his first 2-dayer. […]

Broken Realms Kragnos Reveal: Hot Takes and Wild Predictions

BOOM! Destruction has a new god-level character about to hit the game like a meteor. What do we know so far? And what’s coming next? Fuck knows, but let’s have a crack anyway! The Rules We learned a few things from the GW stream: He’s rocking a 2+ armour save (noice!) He can be used […]

Top 3 Warcry Warbands in AOS…and a List!

‘Whenever I hear that someone has stayed monogamous for forty years it reminds me of when you see in the Guinness Book of Records that someone has walked a thousand kilometres with an egg on his head. I mean, I admire his endurance. But what the fuck did he do that for?’ ~ Steve Toltz, […]

Interview with Lachlan McLean, Winner of Vic GT

Lachlan, who is a good mate of mine and a fellow Gits player, took out Vic GT in March 2021. With 62 players in person on the day, Vic GT is the biggest event in the world this year, so let’s raise a glass to that lad and find out how he did it. How […]

Top 5 Underworlds Warbands in AOS (…And One Epic Fail)

There are two common themes with Underworlds warbands: The models range from very good to magnificent The warscrolls range from flat to intriguing It’s those last lot that we’ll be focusing in on today. They don’t generally see a lot of play competitively – although Number One Will Shock You with its aggressively undercosted Pitched […]

Shout Me A Beer

Just a quick word to say that I’ve set up a Ko-Fi. Publishing and proof-reading these articles so that they hopefully read well is a time-consuming endeavour, and if anyone wants to shout me a coffee beer it would be gratefully received: https://ko-fi.com/plasticcraic As a fan of various podcasts, YouTube channels and blogs, I have been happy […]

Mercenary Mega Gargants: Death, with JP Ganis

JP is the brains behind Listbot and Metabreakers, and along with LLV is one of the great statisticians making sense of the Mortal Realms. As well as bringing his analytical approach to the meta, JP is a top-table player in the cutthroat UK scene, with recent event wins including Onslaught and Fall of the Old World. The List Allegiance: […]

Mercenary Mega Gargants: Order, with Theo Jansen

Theo already has over 20 years of Warhammer experience under his belt, transitioning from WHFB to AOS. As soon as Mercenary Mega Gargants were announced, we all knew that kicking an objective underneath 20 Hearthguard would be a barrel of laughs, so imagine my delight when Theo started talking about all the “Friendly unit” tech that […]

Mercenary Mega Gargants: Destruction, by Plastic Craic

Following on from last week’s Chaos list with Pat Nevan, I’ll be theory-crafting a Destruction list for you. Destro can cherry pick whichever one of the big boys they like, but I’ll lay my cards on the table now and tell you that I’ll be focusing in on Bundo Whalebiter, the Mercenary Kraken-Eater. List Building […]

Mercenary Mega Gargants: Chaos, with Pat Nevan

Joining me for the first in our series on Mercenary Mega Gargants is Pat Nevan. No doubt familiar to many of you from the Bush Radio podcast, Pat is one of Australia’s top competitive players. Pat specializes in Mortal Khorne and his tournament wins include SAGT 2020, as well as piloting the faction to an excellent […]

Vic GT: Power Picks and Coolest Lists

BOOM! The weekend of 13th March is going to be a big one…we’ve got two major events kicking off at the same time in Australia. I’ll be attending the 70-player Victorian GT while over in Adelaide, they’ll be running the 50-player South Australia GT (aka SAGT, aka Saggy T). We’ll be focussing on Vic GT […]

Third Party Spectacular: Mierce Miniatures Heroes

I’m a sucker for a good 3rd party model, and a big fan of Mierce Minis. The resin quality is sky high but it ain’t cheap, so I do keep an eye out for their regular 50% off promos; the latest focuses on their Nobles, who can make some fantastic Heroes (or unit leaders) in […]

What’s Next for Plastic Craic: A Self-Indulgent Wankfest

“Do you think that I count the days? There is only one day left, always starting over: it is given to us at dawn and taken away from us at dusk.” ~ Jean-Paul Sartre Hello, stranger! As mentioned in my Spiderfang review, I’ve taken a break from writing on Age of Sigmar recently, but I’ll […]

Spiders, Baby! White Dwarf Leaks and Analysis

We go again! This is the third and apparently final in a series of White Dwarf updates to the Gloomspite Gits book. I’ve been very upbeat on the love given to Squigs and Troggoths, so can GW make it three in a row? Spoiler alert: no they cannot. As welcome as this is – we […]

Interview with Joel Graham, Winner of End of the Everwinter

Joel is killing it this year, winning the Summer Smash event way back before lockdown and following that up with a 5-0 at SAGT. Last weekend the bastard went and beat me on table 1, game 5 to wrap up another famous victory, this time with FEC, in what must be their first tournament win […]

Interview with Corey Beilharz, 5-0 at Everwinter

Corey is a good mate and a stalwart of Measured Gaming, bringing his positive spirit and relaxed playstyle to every tabletop. I’ll let you decide how he earned the nickname “Brushfucker”; I wasn’t there, so I couldn’t possibly comment. Corey smashed out a 5-0 result at Everwinter last weekend, only narrowly missing out on winning […]

Everwinter Tournament Review

Don’t call it a comeback! Last weekend we smashed into the first 2-day event here in Australia since lockdown, the 5-Round “End of the Everwinter” in Canberra, hosted by Michael Thomson. This week I’ll kick off with a self-indulgent personal recap, then follow it up by interviewing with the two players who went 5-0 at […]

Everwinter: Power Picks and Coolest Lists

It’s been a long time coming. Ya boy Michael Thomson is running the 2-day Everwinter event in Canberra this weekend (26th – 27th November 2020), and it’s set to be the first open-borders tourney since Saggy T: so look out, because the Vics are coming. One of the great joys of playing Australian AOS is […]

Glogg’s Megamob: White Dwarf Review

You know who plays Troggs? Handsome cavaliers, brave souls who are willing to defy convention, creating big memories in the quest for victories against the odds.  You know who doesn’t play Troggs?  Cowards.  So decide who you are, and if you fall into that second category, you might as well give up now.  You’ll probably […]

Sons of Behemat Wrap-Up: Allies, Mercs and Misconceptions

“They make war not just to fill their extensive bellies, but because they love the thrill of it. No longer are they outsized monsters repeatedly lashed by the elements, challenged by would-be heroes and often starved to near-exhaustion by their own ravenous metabolisms; on the day of battle, they are gods.” — Battletome: Sons of […]

Breakers Tribe: Smash It All Down

Takers Tribe yesterday got me pretty fired up: breaking all those scenarios wide open felt pretty good, in my head at least! I’m going to be up front after that and say that Breakers is the Tribe where I personally see the least competitive potential, even though the Executioner has the coolest look; if Lotan […]

Takers Tribe: Kicking For Goal

Let’s not muck about: the mechanics of the Kraken-Eater in general, and his Takers Tribe in particular, are without a doubt the most innovative, exciting, new-shiny, powerful and generally fucking wonderful thing in the whole book, glistening like a diamond in a dog turd. Today’s review is all about getting our kicks from Takers Tribe, […]

Stompers Tribe: Zoning Boards and Clearing Hordes

Stompers Tribe What if giants, but smashier? Make the Warstomper your General, run your Sons in Stompers, and all your dreams of stamping on puny infantry like insects can come true. Kinda. Before I launch into the details of this army and how I see it winning games (or otherwise), let me steer you towards […]

Sons of Behemat: List Tech and Batrep with Alex Butler

Are they good? Are they shit? Are they fun? Are they frustrating? You know what, there’s room for more than one opinion here – and certainly room for nuance between the extremes. Although I might have my own reservations about where this army will ultimately sit, I was rapt to read about Alex’s early adventures […]

Sons of Behemat: Battletome Analysis and Review Guide

You know why I love playing Destruction? Because I want to be King Fucking Kong, not the dickhead in a biplane. Nothing – nothing – in the game has the same potential for rule of cool, rule of epic, rule of pure fun as a whole army of giants, but gianter. I’m all in. Does […]

Third Party Giants: Biggerer and Betterer

Well you know what? There are a lot of people out there making Giants – like, a lot. My previous article collected some of my own favourites, but it also launched a tidal wave of (positive) feedback about other big boys that deserve a mention. So today we’re gathering up the best behemoths that the […]

Third Party Giants Spectacular

So Battletome: Sons of Behemat is incoming: prices have been leaked, and we’re starting to see rules over on the Community page. I will say a few words about pricing at the end, but that’s not the main thrust of this article; what we’re looking at today is what alternatives are out there. As always, […]

Getting Squiggy With It Part II: The Lists

Following up on our rundown of the new Jaws of Mork rules, it’s time to get busy with the fizzy and crank out some army lists. There’s honestly loads you can do with these guys, depending on how deep you want to draw from the rest of the book, so let’s get into it and […]

Getting Squiggy With It: Jaws of Mork Review

Well look what we’ve got here! Squigs are getting the White Dwarf treatment, and boy did this come at the right time. Gloomspite generally aren’t in great shape: their Heroes are particularly susceptible to being shot off the board, the army turns into a rabble and runs for the hills without them, and they are […]

GH20 Review Part 6: Realm Artefacts

Farewell, Artefacts of the Realms; you were too beautiful for this world. The Malign Sorcery artefacts are gone, replaced with the assorted junk that we’ll be reviewing today. How Does It Work? You can pick an artefact from your book, or one of these, just like you did with the OG Realm artefacts. Really that’s […]

GH20 Review Part 5: Narrative Play for Competitive Gamers

Everyone has a plan, until they get punched in the mouth ~ Mike Tyson I’m a competitive gamer at heart, but that doesn’t mean I’m only interested in 2000-Point Matched Play in its purest form. It’s certainly what I’m most interested in, but it’s not the be-all and end-all. We were all drawn to this […]

GH20 Review Part 4: Most Overcosted and Undercosted Units

Following up on yesterday’s high-level review of the points and the process, my Australian ETC team mate Michael Clarke will be presenting you with his thoughts on the biggest outliers in the game as it stands. Michael made his name running Hallowheart under the classic Firestorm rules, and almost won the event (playing off on […]

GH20 Review Part 3: Points Updates

What the FAQ? Points are out, and some of them are…baffling. Today I’ll be rattling through them at a high level, and in a follow-up article, my Australian ETC team mate Michael Clarke will have a deep dive into specific changes. Structurally Unsound Let’s get something clear from the off: paper-based points have had their […]

GH20 Review Part 2: Anvil of Apotheosis

Everybody loves the Anvil. Seriously, everybody loves the Anvil. And I love everything about it. I love the limitless hobby opportunities it presents. I love the cool, thematic characters you can create. And I love breaking it, and coming up with batshit-crazy, underpointed bullshit. To celebrate the Anvil in all of its wonderful insanity, I’ve […]

GH20 Review Part 1: The Battleplans

Book in hand! A new GH is arguably the biggest event in the AOS calendar, and I’ll be exploring all aspects of it over the course of a few distinct articles: today we kick off today with the Battleplans, and I’ve already got in a few games (including a one-dayer) under the new book. To […]

Durdokk da Biggist

Don’t call it a comeback! The blog has been pretty quiet over the last few weeks: I work in the food industry so it’s been heads down, tails up and let’s keep things moving. The industry has been on the frontline of Coronavirus right around the world, and that shows no signs of changing; including […]

Matched Play at 1000 Points

Why Bother? Why piss around with smaller games, when you could be playing a proper 2000 point battle? The latter will be more relevant for tournament practice, it opens up more combos and it’s generally where the game is at. I hear ya. But even though 2000 points games are at the heart of the […]

Product Review: THWG Objective Markers

A nation can resist an army of men, But not an idea whose time has come ~ Victor Hugo Most people love them and want to know more, a few start raging at the sight of them. These things might be the second most controversial discs in Warhammer, after the bases replacing the squares that […]

Red Giant Issue 452 and 3/4

Great things may come to those who wait, But only the things left by those who hustle ~ Abraham Lincoln White Dwarf has been absolutely smashing it these past 6+ months. When I went to tidy out my hobby area a week or two back, I found that every single issue had multiple reasons why […]

Sons of Behemat: A Review of the Preview

“Freedom is being in charge of your own destruction” ~ Lindsay Lohan’s Last Fan Well Preview III was the one we were all waiting for!  At 11pm Saturday night, Melbourne time, we got a good look at the new Gargants and learned a little more about them.  The Sons of Behemat Whatsapp was going haywire […]

Battletome Sons of Behemat: Tall Tales and Charge Fails

I still can’t quite believe it’s happening. This has to be the most BDE move that GW have ever pulled: you have to be super-confident in yourself, your company, your game system and your direction of travel to whip this one out. The buzz is real, the excitement is real, and I’m convinced that this […]

What the FAQ? Understanding the Bastilodon’s save

OK, I admit it – I was entirely bewildered by that Seraphon FAQ.  Luckily, I was able to call in some help from the kind people in the Gloomspite Whatsapp group (shoutout to Craig, Will, Hammy and Nathan), but I’ve seen the discussion and questions continue online.  This is my attempt to provide a definitive […]

SAGT List Analysis: Power Picks and Coolest Lists

It’s the most wonderful time Yes the most wonderful time Oh the most wonderful time Of the year ~ Andy Williams TO’d by the legends that are Doom and Matthew “Wildform” Weiss, South Australia Grand Tournament GT, aka SAGT, aka Saggy T, is already established as one of the highlights of the Australian calendar. Last […]

Pebbles on the Podium: Dalton’s Rogue Idol Smashes It

The third and final article in our series on Summer Smash is an interview with Dalton Copeland. Dalton will be very familiar by now to followers of the Blog, so let’s join him for the journey as the Big Waaagh rolls into town! Dalton Copeland, Australia Dalton is one of Australia’s top Destruction players, regularly […]

Interview with Joel Graham, Winner of Summer Smash

Having made his competitive debut at Border War less than 12 months ago, Joel has arrived on the Australian AOS scene with a bang, following up a 5-1 performance at Cancon 2020 by taking out Summer Smash in Geelong. Let’s take a look at what Joel has to say about Age of Sigmar, Orruk Warclans, […]

Summer Smash Tournament Review: Big Wins for the Big Waaagh!

It always seems impossible until it’s done ~ Nelson Mandela The Event ROAD TRIP! Summer Smash 2020 was hosted by the Throw The Dice team in Geelong, less than a 2 hour drive and in the great State of Victoria.  Rich and the guys have done a great job building up their scene over the […]

Ironjawz White Dwarf Battalions: Leaks and Analysis

’Tis impossible to be sure of any thing but Death and Taxes ~ Christopher Bullock (1716) Well lookie here!  Some kind soul has leaked photos of the latest White Dwarf Battalions, and this time around it’s Ironjawz that are getting the love.  Come On You Boyz In Green! We’ve seen a couple of these White Dwarf […]

Are Orruk Warclans Top Tier?

“Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.” ~ Abraham Lincoln Joining me today is Pat Nevan. No doubt familiar to many of you from the Bush Radio podcast, Pat is one of Australia’s top competitive players. Pat specialises in Mortal Khorne and took them […]

What Should We Do About Tzeentch?

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.” ~ Leo Tolstoy Following on from Mike Wendel’s contribution to the discussion, I’ll be presenting at my own ideas for what, if anything, should be done in the upcoming Tzeentch FAQ. Disciples of Tzeentch have made quite the impact on the top tables, […]

Tzeentch, and the Current State of AOS

In their first set of events with their new book, Disciples of Tzeentch came blasting out the traps and won both Cancon and Heat 1 on the same weekend. A lot of high profile players have had the courage to stick their heads above the parapet and share their honest thoughts on that, including the […]

Cancon List Review: Power Picks and Coolest Lists

Well here we go! This weekend will see the biggest AOS Tournament in the world…ever. Hats off to Clint and the team, because it’s a great achievement, and the annual buzz around this event has played a huge part in kickstarting the fantastic AOS scene we are all enjoying here in Australia. Coverage on the […]

2020 Wishlist Part Two: White Dwarf, GH20 and Merch

All aboard! Part One of our 2020 Wishlist and Predictions focussed in on Battletomes, both confirmed and speculative; here in Part Two, we’ll be looking at pretty much everything else. As always, it’s a chaotic mish mash of things I believe are likely to happen, and what I’d just love to see; but definitely trending […]

2020 AOS Wishlist and Predictions Part One: Battletomes

BAM! 2019 smashed into you with a relentless tide of huge releases, and the early signs are that there will be no rest for the wicked. 2020 will be coming at you like a freight train, and with two new books already announced, the metagame is showing no signs of slowing down any time soon. […]

Have You Ever Went Fast?

Exploring the fastest unit in Age of Sigmar So Gabe Huddlestone posed an interesting question on Twitter: what’s the fastest unit in the game? Gabe set out the following parameters: Movement buffs are included (exploring those is kinda the point!) Teleports aren’t included, obviously You can charge, but can’t include charge buffs (not really sure […]

2019: A Year In Plastic

Podcast of the Year Congratualtions to Bush Radio from Measured Gaming: https://mgbushradio.podbean.com/ I do have an interest to declare here, because Joel and Dave are good friends of mine, but these guys have been SMASHING IT. Fair warning, this show gets pretty fucking loose, so it’s not for everybody – and certainly not one to […]

Australian Masters List Analysis

The foolish are like ripples on water, For whatsoever they do is quickly effaced; But the righteous are like carvings upon stone, For their smallest act is durable. ~ Horace The Event The culmination of another great year on the Aussie tournament scene, Masters brings together the best players in the country for an annual […]

What’s the Deal with Ardfist?

“That’s the greatest comback since Lazarus” Sid Waddell It’s fair to say that one particular Battalion in Battletome Orruk Warclans has been causing a stir – and it’s not the Kunnin Rukk. Ardfist is a summoning Battalion that can potentially bring units of 10 Ardboyz on from a board edge, so let’s take a proper […]

Battletome Orruk Warclans: Big Waaagh! Review

“Together, we form a necessary paradox; not a senseless contradiction.” ― Criss Jami, Healology Hopefully you’ve been enjoying the journey as we explored both Bonesplitterz and Ironjawz; now it’s time to crank up the insanity a notch or three, as we take a look at my own favourite section of the book: the Big Waaagh! How It […]

Battletome Orruk Warclans: Ironjawz Review

“You must be shapeless, formless, like water. When you pour water in a cup, it becomes the cup. When you pour water in a bottle, it becomes the bottle. When you pour water in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Water can drip and it can crash. Become like water my friend.” ~ Bruce Lee […]


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